What is InCrowdVC?

InCrowd Music Ventures

Part venture capital fund, part consultancy, InCrowd’s unique model is designed to engage all stakeholders to optimize returns.  This engagement allows InCrowd's fund managers to access expertise when evaluating and screening deals, making investment decisions, and making appropriate post investment connections.   

Why InCrowd VC?

Don't Get Left Behind

By functioning in part as a consultant to our investors, we connect our LPs directly to the underlying portfolio companies in our vast portfolio.  InCrowd’s technology platform gives investors access to our pipeline of investment opportunities, so music industry enterprises are always kept up to date.

The music industry is on the cusp of a new era of growth after nearly two decades of disruption. The rising popularity and sophistication of streaming platforms...is ushering in a second digital music revolution – one that is creating value rather than destroying it... We expect [that global music revenues will] almost double...over the next 15 years to $104 billion, spreading benefits across the ecosystem.
— Goldman Sachs - Music in the Air Volume 1 Equity Research Report

It is clear that new business models and technologies are going to lead the growth mentioned by Goldman.  InCrowd Music Ventures is here to make sure that our clients do not miss out on the innovations that will enable the next great music boom!

InCrowd Music Ventures

Available to leading music enterprises, the InCrowd Music Ventures venture capital fund invests in leading early-stage companies focused on the music industry.